Online retreats

I found the retreat at home really restful as there was a definite change of pattern to my normal routine. I appreciated all the biblical texts to explore and they provided a focus for the day.  The interviews with my guide were a source of inspiration and very helpful. The other really positive thing were the services in the chapel because one of the things you really miss is the companionship of other people praying with you which you get in a normal retreat. I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience.

I should have gone on a retreat at St Andrew’s in February before lockdown but was ill( covid perhaps) so cancelled. Later I had a email about on line prayers and I responded  asking if on line retreats were possible. Like many of us I was hurtled in a place of fear , completely uncharted territory. Sister M-c wrote back and we agreed to try a retreat via Zoom. We met once a week and God gently but firmly moved me into a new place of love and beauty.Try it- let God work in you too!


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