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Our house is a small retreat centre in South-East London between Lewisham and Blackheath, with Greenwich close by. It provides a surprisingly quiet space for groups (up to 25 people) and individuals looking for a place of retreat, silence and rest. We also have an in-house programme consisting of different day/evening and residential events. Please take the time to explore our different possibilities!

Saint Andrew’s Calendar of Events

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Printable Calendar of Events for Autumn 2022 (2 pages)



Printable Calendar of Events for 2023 : By dates, By themes


Upcoming events



Sadly, Saturday 8th October: Biblical Theatre Workshop: Rediscover a Bible Story through drama has been cancelled. There will be two other dates in 2023: Saturday 20th May and Saturday 30th September.


Still some places available for the Day Meeting God through Poetry!


Contact us before booking.


From Friday 21 to Sunday 30 October 2022:

The icon of the Woman at the Well from the Retreat Association is welcomed in our chapel.


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The Retreat Association is a national ecumenical Christian organisation set up to help people find ways of exploring and deepening their journey with God through spirituality and prayer. The Retreat Association has commissioned an icon as an enduring reminder of the value of retreats and reflective prayer.

Icons have been used for centuries to depict Bible stories and offer a way of entering into the story through prayer, stillness and contemplation – practices that lie at the heart of our work.

The theme of our icon is The Woman at the Well (John 4:1–42). This has been chosen for its universal appeal and the

many different themes associated with retreat and spiritual direction.

The icon was hallowed at the Retreat Association Conference and is now on display at a number of different retreat centres, churches and cathedrals across the UK. For details of where the icon is on display, please see the Icon Events page.

We hope that the icon will become a resource for many who are both familiar and unfamiliar with retreats.


Iconographer John Coleman has produced icons in over 200 churches worldwide has created this icon for the Retreat Association.

liz pearson – icon, 01/12/2017, 02:10, 16C, 3524×4212 (225+352), 100%, ten stop S cur, 1/8 s, R46.0, G21.0, B48.0

Contact us before booking.

Next Wednesday Meditative Prayer with Taize chants 25 October 2022,

with the Icon of the woman at the well.

Wednesday Meditative Prayer

More information


Contact us before booking.



Contact us before booking.



With sister Fiona. Contact us before booking.


Our Open Afternoon, originally scheduled for the end of May,

has been postponed to the Feast of St Andrew





After coming to St Andrew’s, you are welcome to send a feedback using this form. Thank you!


Ignatian Year

The Ignatian Year  officially closed on the Feast of St Ignatius, 31 July 2022. 500 Years ago, Ignatius was residing in Manresa, begging for his living and to support the sick and the poor. He deepened his life of prayer and lived the most life changing experiences of God. He spent 11 months there, from 26 March 1522 to the beginning of Lent 1523. During this time, he kept some personal notes of the way God was leading him. He later used those notes to accompany others in the Spiritual Exercises.  


Wednesday Meditative Evening Prayers

Last Wednesday of each month except July and August. Next : 28/9, 26/10, 30/11 (Feast of St Andrew) and 14/12 (there will be no prayer on the 28/12)


Resources for prayer and meditation

Visit our resources for prayer page,

You are welcome to continue to send your prayer intentions to us.


Spiritual Oasis

Visit the spirituality page of our European website



After coming to St Andrew’s, you are welcome to send us feedback using this form. Thank you!


Ways to donate


We live according to the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola:
To praise, serve and reverence God our Creator and serve God in the world.

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