8 Day Retreats

We offer one 8 Day Individually Guided Retreat (IGR) in a group setting per year. The next retreat will be from Friday 24th to Sunday 2nd August 2020 see here

If these dates do not suit you, we may still be able to accommodate you for a time of retreat. Please see our information page For Individuals.

What happens during an 8-Day group IGR at St Andrew’s?

Friday: Arrival is from 5 pm. Upon your arrival, one of the Sisters will give you a tour of the house. You can then settle down in your room.  At 6.30 pm there is a Eucharist in the chapel.

The Eucharist is followed by the evening meal. This first meal is an opportunity for retreatants to greet each other before the retreat.

Unlike our other programmes, there is an option for full board during our group IGRs, however, we are unable to cater for special diets. Self-catering remains an option should you wish.

At 8.15 pm, there is an introduction to the weekend with both the Sisters and other retreatants followed by a time of prayer together in the Chapel.

Each day:

Breakfast (self-service, in silence, without music) can be taken at any time before 10 am. Each person does their own washing-up.

The Sister who is accompanying you will inform you when you are to meet together. During this meeting, you will be provided with tools, prayers and resources to live your retreat.

Important moments of the day are as follows:

12.30 pm to 12.45 pm: silent prayer in the Chapel (optional)

12.45 pm: Lunch (Self-service, in silence, with music. Each person does their own washing-up)

6.30 pm: Evening Prayer in the chapel (optional) with communion

7.00 pm: Supper (With the same set up as Lunch)

8.45 pm: Short night prayer (optional)

On Sunday, there is the possibility to attend Sunday services at one of the neighbouring churches (different times).

As Sunday is the closing day, there is the possibility to eat breakfast together at 9 am (optional).

Departure is at any time that is convenient for you.

The suggested donation for the retreat is

£40-£65 per 24 hours Self Catering,

£55-£80 per 24 hours Full board

Concessions are available.

Booking is essential for this retreat using this form. Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please await our confirmation before firming up any plans. Note: If you cannot stay for the duration of the entire retreat, contact us to see what is possible.

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