Sabbath Days

In the busyness of daily live, many people find it difficult to find time aside, time to ‘chill out’, rest, breathe and take a step back from their daily routine in order to pray, find new strength and rediscover what is really important in life.

Our ‘Sabbath Days’ help to remind us that – ‘On the seventh day God rested…God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all the work that God had done in creating the world’ (Genesis 2, 2-3). We too are invited to live moments of rest, of ‘Sabbath’ in our lives.

One of the Sisters will briefly introduce the day, giving a short input. The rest of the day is a time to pause, rest, reflect in silence. Should you wish, different materials will be available to help you live this day, exploring rest through music, images and word.

Arrive from 10 am for teas and coffees for 10.30 am start. The day ends at 4 pm. There is also the possibility to come for a half day, either the morning or afternoon (arrival at 1.30 pm).

Suggested donation: Day £15 – £30; Half a day:   £10 – £15

See our calendar for the dates of our Sabbath Days. At the moment, there are no dates planned for Sabbath Days.

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to book your place using this form beforehand (preferably at least 2 weeks before) for any of our Sabbath days.

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