Advent calendar 2021

Happy Christmas

Thank you for being with us during Advent.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the 2021 advent calendar, using this form or email at .

If you wish, you are also welcome to send a picture of what you have created in response to some of the windows (for example a cloud of words about Advent). We intend to add them on the website.

May Christ, born in poverty in Bethlehem, give you his peace and his joy.

From all who have prepared this Advent Calendar

With a huge thank you to all who have taken part to the creation of this Advent Calendar : Alison Davis, Anne Payne, David Court, Henry Morgan, Kathleen O’Sullivan, Leah Philbrick, Marie Jamet, Mary Chamberlin, Mary Lean, Pam Alexander, Pamela Ive with Susie Pinder, Pat Pervical, Penny Bird, Sheelagh Daly, Sue Wilson and the sisters of St Andrew at Lewisham.

Thank you also for those who have kindly given permission to use a picture or music, especially Ulla Kall, spiritual director and guitarist and Father Lawrence Lew, op, for his picture of a mosaic of the Nativity by Marko Rupnik, sj.

From 1st to 25th December, every morning, a new window will appear.

Every window has been prepared by a different person : a friend of the community or one of the sisters. Each person is sharing something he/she has created for our journey to Christmas. Our Calendar does not claim to be the last word or exhaustive on the meaning of Advent. It is not necessarily linked to the liturgy of the day. There will be pictures, art, stories, meditations, some questions for reflection, short films and other surprises. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed preparing it.

We are coming together in the darkest days of the year in search of light, of hope, of warmth, of patience as we are waiting for the celebration of the incarnation of our Lord, Emmanuel, God with us.

May this Advent Calendar open new windows of God’s love for you this Christmas!

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