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  1. I love this poem , the sea, I like the connection between it and hills and mountains , and how it interacts with the sunrise and set and mid day – everything tells you of life and it’s creator’s image , of The Gospels, Jesus and Mary’s Life on Earth , the Saints and their brave foot steps leading to heaven – and this timelessness in time around us and in us , we all share this vision and dream , we share eternity. We share the inner hope – the inner direction home if we want , we need to connect to it to be truly alive, we live in the spirit .

    1. Thank you marianne. Sorry that I only answer now. We are novices with the technology! Happy new Year!

  2. Can we really imagine the centuries and centuries of Catholic and Christian men and woman and children who walked in this land sailed these seas shaping our world to how it is today , making it a place of God’s true peace , loving every corner of it with their holy presence , bringing Jesus Christ to this world in every prayer – in every way . Foster parents to the new creation , nurturing our faith long before we arrived – handing down to us this holy mantel

  3. I read this conjunction to your inspiring reading today !!!!! It’s fantastic how God teaches !!

    (Like the landscape around me, the popular memory of penal times is irresistible. Visiting Ireland in 1979 a well-briefed Pope John Paul II recalled the “Mass rocks in the glens and forests by ‘hunted priests’”.

    The priests would have slipped through such glens as this past cottages, now ruined, that would have hosted a hundred private so-called station Masses with neighbours and friends.)

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